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Okay, the Pomegranate-Walnut Chicken? An INTENSE success.

I made a few changes to the recipe. First off, I cut the chicken breasts in half width-wise, because doing that always makes me feel like I have more food. I browned for slightly less time because of that.

I didn't grind the walnuts as finely as they say, and it gave the sauce an almost chutney-ish feel: I could cheerfully have eaten it with a fork. Cooking for only two people and two kids who weren't going to go for this meal, I halved all the sauce proportions, which meant it thickened more quickly than the recipe said (more surface area). I also left out the tomato paste, cause, um, I ran out of tomato paste. There was a lot of sauce left over.

I made it with saffron rice and a salad for the vegetable.

It was really, really good. Almost sweet, but balanced by the nuts to give it a nice earthiness. It really, really, REALLY didn't taste like a dish with only 300 calories per serving: I think the entire meal had well under 600 calories, even with a lot of salad and a decent-sized rice serving.

Definite thumbs-up!
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I am very annoyed by trying to find crockpot recipes. To me, the point of a crockpot is that you put the food in before leaving for work, and when you get home, it is dinner. No extra fuss/muss, right?

So why is it that crockpot recipe books and websites are crowded out with recipes that say to cook 3-4 hours, 5-6 hours, 6-7 hours? Making dinner at 11 AM is generally WORSE for people than making it at 5:30, guys. Making it at 8 AM is the point of the crockpot. At least half of your recipes should be in the 8-10 or 9-11 hour range, okay?

Does anyone know a good crockpot recipe book with actually useful recipes?


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