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Heh. It came about a bit by accident, really. I didn't get into things that required usernames until I'd already been on the internet for a while. "Glishara" was the name of one of my Diablo II characters, a sorceress whose name I created by my standard RP-character-naming method of picking letters I like and then filling them in with other letters until they're pronounceable.

When I needed a username for something (probably a geocities page or something), I tried a few things which all failed, then plugged in "glishara", since it was a name I saw a lot. It worked! It's a total nonsense-word, which means I never have competition for it. By the time I got onto LJ, it had become my default username. Boring, I know.
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The pardon, as I've always understood it, is the moral equivalent of a refusal to press charges by a private individual. The president can make that decision for the country, saying that for whatever reason, we don't want to hold a person responsible for their actions against the country.

I don't think there should be legal limits on it, but I do believe there are moral limits which should be observed. I don't think a president should pardon someone with whom he has a personal relationship, or someone who has done significant favors for him. I don't think the pardon should be a political tool.

However, there are times when justice is not actually served by a rigorous application of law, and the pardon is an executive check on the judicial branch, and one which I think should not be modified or restricted. If it is abused, it is the job of the people to react to that and vote the abuser out of office.


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