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So. People are, I know, supposed to gain weight steadily through pregnancy. That is certainly the way it worked with my first two pregnancies. This one, however, seems to be going a little differently. I was worried my doctor would scold me, last appointment, but he seemed sanguine about it. I've lost 11 pounds since conceiving, and it is, I suspect, entirely due to my new gardening insanity, combined with lack of appetite because of, you know, pregnancy.

So, this weekend's gardening score:

* Thinned Wesley's garden. There are carrots and lettuce there, and he did the seeds himself, so they were, um, dense. I cleared that out.
* Planted more peas. I hate this task, so I am doing approximately four a week. It will stagger the harvest, right?
* Weeded a lot of the slope, and planted an azalea and a rhododendron. The rhododendron required unearthing a gigantic stone, which nearly defeated me. It was over a foot long and around 6 inches wide, though only 3 or 4 inches thick. It was heavy. And really embedded in the dirt. I really should get more topsoil to put down around it, since the hole is rather emptier than I intended.
* Watered everything.
* Planted an Earthbox garden kit with some tomatoes. I have no idea how the Earthbox will turn out. I am crossing my fingers.

I also went for a walk with the kids and spent some time just outside with them. I am getting more exercise per day on average now than I have since college. It is kind of cool. And gardening is awesome.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:45 pm
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So, this has been a very low-key vacation for me thus far, which is fantastic. I'm nearing the end now (Monday I go back to work), but I feel SO refreshed from 2 weeks with literally NO work contact.

We've done some fun things this week, and had some very calm days. We took Wesley to the Museum of Science last week, which was amazing. He's on the young side for it, but still got very into things like the frog exhibit and the dinosaurs. We spent around 2 hours, and used a museum pass for discounted admission, so with parking, it was only around $22 for the three of us. Lorrie stayed with my in-laws.

We also played at the park a lot, planted a garden with carrots and lettuce, went to the zoo, and, just us adults, did our parent-teacher conference with Wesley's preschool teacher and went out to The Melting Pot for our anniversary dinner. Tomorrow, we're probably going to Drumlin Farm and having an ice-cream picnic, then seeing my parents and grandparents for my birthday dinner.

We also bought a new washer and dryer, since ours died.

This weekend is supposed to be glorious, so we'll try to find some outdoor areas to explore. Maybe we'll find some good hiking paths.

I feel good.
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So, the only gardening work I have left before last frost is to clear out my second vegetable garden bed, the one for Wesley-veggies. That will be easier than the first one, at least, because it is smaller: only 4x4 feet. Most of the veggies for that garden, I'll plant directly: lettuce and carrots, with a tomato and some bush snap beans from seedlings.

All my indoor planting is done: sungold cherry tomatoes, purple cherokee tomatoes, bush beans, pumpkins, watermelons, summer squash, and zucchini. I have two rows of asparagus planted outside. I'm buying little plants of brandywine tomatoes and bell peppers, and planting snap peas directly in May.

I so badly want the time to finish passing so I can take the next steps. I really hope my gardens come out well this year.

I was talking with my sister-in-law the other day about how frustrating it is to live here, where there are fresh vegetables growing ALL AROUND US, but the farm stands charge 3 times what the grocery stores do. I'd like to buy local and support them, but the vegetables aren't of better quality, and so much of my food budget is already spent on veggies... I can't justify raising the $15-$20 a week of veggies to $40-$50 by shopping local. I buy a thing of cherry tomatoes or fresh salad greens or a pint of blueberries every week or so, and that's about as far as I can go.

I really want my garden to help some with my veggie needs this year. I'm excited about growing my own salads, with lettuce, carrot, and tomato. I am going to be bad and pick some asparagus this year, despite knowing I shouldn't.

Whee! Yay, gardening.


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