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Everybody, meet Katie!

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Katie is a very, very playful and intrepid kitty. When I went to fill out her paperwork today, she leapt right onto my lap to chase my hat. She talked to us all the way home. When we got here, we put her in her bathroom, which is the space you see in that first picture.

Of course, as you may deduce from the photo above, she did not STAY there.

When I slipped up to try to get the picture, she was waiting by the door, and came out, rubbed against my leg, and started picking her way downstairs right away. She explored the living room, then ran back upstairs when she heard the kids.

Did she go back into her bathroom? Oh, no, not Katie, Kitty Extraordinaire. She turns her nose up at bathrooms. Instead, she sniffed around the hall. With my cunning human brain, I said, "Hmm. I shall get her fun feather toy and lure her in with it."

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Katie loves her fun feather toy, and went "Yay! Jump! Jump! Pounce! Catch! Ca -- wait a minute. That's going in the BATHROOM." And then she went to explore Lorraine's room.

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She likes Lorraine's bed, and the slats of Sebastian's old crib. And the toy closet. And then she was back at the door, and I lured her with the feather toy again. Dance! Pounce! Play! Bath-- HEY.

She looked at the feather toy, looked at me, lifted her tail high up, and went in very deliberately to claim her prize.

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I closed the door.

I acknowledge that she totally let me win, but it was satisfying anyway.


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