Jan. 15th, 2012

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So, I am getting a cat!

I was kind of expecting the adoption process to take longer, but this afternoon we went to meet the cats. The kids really wanted to meet a black cat they liked, but he refused to come out and see us. One of the other cats, though, was standing at the gate peering at us, so I asked if maybe we could meet her instead. She's a bitty little thing, 3 or 4 years old, but very little. She's black and white, and her name is Krinkles, with which I am distinctly meh, but hesitant to change, because opening it up to change means the kids will want input. For perspective, Wes's suggestion for what we name Sebastian was "Squashypom." We'll see if anything new springs to mind in the next little bit.

Anyway, Krinkles sprang right down and came to sniff at my hand and demand ear scritches. The space was very small, and we had three adults and three kids, so it was a bit overwhelming for her, but she loved all the petting, and when we got her favorite toy, a feathery thing she had forcibly detached from one of those fishing-pole style cat toys, she started pouncing around after it. We were intensely charmed.

So anyway, we got home and I filled out an application. It said I'd be contacted the next day, and we could talk about the situation and schedule a home visit, so I expected maybe a week to tie everything up. But they called tonight, and we chatted for 20 minutes, and they asked me to just send over some photos in the morning instead of a full home visit. Oh, and they'll be at the PetSmart tomorrow, so I can go by at around 6 to fill out the paperwork and take her home.

I will post pictures when I have them. I am so excited!


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